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Protagonists of my graphic novel in progress: Animal Arithmetic. Once the artbook for this is finished, I will release more info on the story. Its a big difference from my normal cute and children’s style, and the audience is older teen and up because of such themes as dystopia and realistic violence. Now, this isn’t a bloodfest, this is the story of what will happen if the government, and pretty much everyone on earth doesn’t wake up soon about important matters that plague our lives.

Kay Dee(The Fox)-The central character, a neo-prophet.

KB(The Koala Bear)- Head of a rebel gang.

Mr. Blue(The Bluejay)- The chemist wingman.

Cage Sage(The Canary)- The mathematician and tech wiz.

S’Man(The Sloth)- The chill bro.

Grizz(The Grizzly Bear)- The heavy duty.

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